Things Ladies Do Not Do In Public:  Exhibits 6-8


6.  Never should a lady ever sit curbside unless she is in a vehicle waiting on a To-Go order in a parking spot designated by a food establishment.

7.  Under no circumstances should a 6 month pregnant lady be party to a cigarette smoking circle while on a ten minute break at work.  It’s been scientifically proven that the whole second hand thing is not a bunch of smoke and your very presence may make others quite uncomfortable leading them to either keep their distance or turn their backs.

8.  Ladies do not smoke either publicly nor privately while pregnant.  If she does she can expect far more than just a child.  Two breaks later this mother-to-be was wheeled out of work on a stretcher and hospitalized for premature labor.  Two days later she was released.  On the third day she returned to work, continued chain smoking and was wheeled out once again. A pregnant lady does nothing alone.



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