kitchen chores

Routine…?…  I know, anything that requires a commitment especially when it is not traditionally deemed as fun or ultra productive immediately gets filed to the bottom  Such is often the fate of cleaning.

But what if I could make maintaining your swag around the home fun, easy, relaxing and productive in oh so many ways? Come on, let’s start in the kitchen.

On the Daily:

washing dishes

Never Pile

Clean those gold-plated dishes, flutes, cutlery, and flatware as you go. Now, of course if those dishes and flutes are indeed embellished with gold go for a hand wash and dry. Otherwise, simply load them into the dishwasher.  Have every member of your household tall enough to reach the sink get into this routine and your wish for a life without a sink full of dishes will be granted.


A.B.C Swipe

A.ppliances, B.ack-splash, and C.ountertops should be swiped daily. Swiped…?…  By swipe I mean simply wipe.  With housecleaning, as with all to many other tasks and chores,it’s all in the perception attached to it.  When I think wipe, I feel long…tired…don’t wan’t to do it.  But swipe…quick, easy, it’s already done. “Swiping” is also a great word to get your preschoolers to help with just about anything thanks to Dora the Explorer.  With all that said, we simple spritz the area or appliance to be cleaned and swipe the counter with our clean, microfiber cloth dedicated exclusively to kitchen use and changed daily. Be sure to get the tiled or back-splash area set directly behind and over the stove and sink.  The key is to incorporate this routine into your daily ritual by swiping after every spill, preparation of a meal, and before turning in each evening.  What a difference a swipe makes.  

duex sweep

Deux Sweep

Get it?… Not yet… okay.  This is simply my attempt at a cutesy play on words to help us both remember and to actually sweep the floors twice a day.  Once in the morning after your herd has run in and out grabbing, dropping, dripping, and smushing  their morsels and drops of sustenance all over the floor. Your second sweeping will most likely follow dinner; or even better yet make it the first step in your personal evening ritual.  Don’t have one of those either?  No worries…We’ll work on that. Anyhow, use this routine a.m. and p.m. sweeping as a time to regroup and reflect.  Focus on the joys of the moments just passed. Focus on what must be accomplished for the day.  Even visualize yourself successfully going through your day task by task, meeting by meeting, class by class, call by call, appointment by appointment.  Focus on where you last placed your keys.  Focus on the best route to get to work.  Focus on how to best tackle that pestering problem that persists.  Incorporate this routine and the repetitive, rhythmic, and dare I say uprooting motions of sweeping will eliminate the gradual accumulation of dropped particles on your floor and in your mind. Lastly, spot clean any sticky spots.   And while we’re on it, don’t forget to sweep the kitchen for clutter and place it where it belongs..

Take some time to make the routine a part of your life. See the enormous sense of control, clarity, and perhaps even extra time you may now find available.  I’ll be reinforcing the skills too.  Let me know what you find.


Want it, need it but know if left up to you it’ll never happen?  That’s cool, too.  Admittance and acceptance are the first steps.  Your Personal Genie is available to grant your every wish for comfort, confidence, and convenience at home; including residential cleansing.



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