You can't just go aroundexhibits1-5

Things Ladies Do Not Do in Public: Exhibits 1-5(left to right).

1. Do not wear clothing out of season; especially on a rainy day in NJ in November. You will be cold and will resort to awkwardly suggestive ways of keeping warm.

2. Do not. I repeat do not utilize the local Starbucks cafe as your personal boudoir. Even if it was her idea.

3. Do not stare. If you think you might be the subject of scope, Smile!

4. Do not comb, brush, and definitely do not braid your, or anyone else’s hair in any public place, outside of a powder room. Nonetheless at the table!?! The ladies room is the only place light communal coifing is permitted.

5. Do not adopt a military “at ease” stance unless you’re on the job and are ordered to do so.


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