washing dishes


Although while growing up my parents enjoyed referring to me as their automatic dishwasher mechanical dishwashers do rely on far less energy, water, and detergent when at full capacity than washing by hand.  However, there are times when a hand washing are called for; and this is how we do it.

  1.  Scrape all food from dishes with a rubber spatula to avoid scratching the surfaces.  Metal utensils are for eating; not scraping.
  2. Rinse every dish with hot water and organize and stack by type  on a dishcloth covered countertop, or better yet a baking sheet, to avoid drips and water run off and seepage.
  3. Fill a large dishpan with hot water and two squirts of dish washing detergent/soap.  Hot water is the key to spotless glass and silverware.  You’ll also save on detergent by using a dish tub as opposed to a sponge squirted with dish washing liquid.  Don’t have a plastic dish tub on hand? No problem!  Simply line the sink with clean, soft bath towels or plastic or rubber mat for extra protection against breaks from dish slips and falls.
  4. Now here’s what separates the novices from the pros. All dishes are to be washed one at  time.  If you want that sparkle and shine be sure to give each and everyone their time in your spotlight.  Scrub stuck on foods with a dish brush or gentle scouring pad.  Rub the dish with either a microfiber cloth or sponge with one hand while revolving it with the other.  Always work from the center of the dish outward then back again from the outside in.  Turn the dish over and repeat.  For glassware, always work from the inside out.
  5.   Wash all dishes in the order:  Crystal, Glassware, Clear Glass Plates, All Other Plates, Flatware, Serving Ware, Serving Dishes, than the Pots and Pans.
  6. Stack washed dishes and rinse with hot water before suds dry.  Start rinsing with the back of the plate or the outside of the glass. Rinse the eating or drinking surface last.
  7. Place items in or on dish rack to air dry.
  8. The dishes are not done until they are dried thoroughly and polished with a clean, dry dish towel devoted solely to this task and placed in their appointed storage spots.

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