Luxe Worth Living

***Live the Life you Wish you Had***

Who We Are

The one word that motivates, grounds, and guides each commission of every personal genie and life stylist of Life Enhancement by Genies, LLC. is home.
​We exist to augment the overall landscape of your lifestyle by focusing and building on the complete person from the inside out; ensuring every enhancement will be innately familiar.

What We Do

We strive to always leave you at ease to rest in, conquer, and enjoy life with friends and family in a way that complements your personal wiring.  Being at home in and around your own abode, apparel, and amusements with complete comfort, confidence, and convenience just makes sense.

Welcome to the Luxe Life at a Conscious Price.  ​​

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HomeRoma Therapy:

Daily & Weekly 

Holistic & Eco-Friendly Residential Cleansing


Intuitive Decorating


Professional Organizing

Errand Running

Natural Home & Personal Care Products


Sixth Sense Styling:


Intuitive Image…

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