Did we know Rihanna designed and launched her line this week? We do now.


Behind the Scenes Look with Rihanna

But will she be bold enough to wear them over her Italian favorites rocked at this year’s Grammy’s?  Seems to me a missed marketing opportunity as we would have known about her new line if she had.  But we can’t all be proud mama’s of our fashion lines like Ms. Stefani and not all of our babies are L.A.M.B.s.  But the line is full of looks that she would actually wear like… that creamy, simple yet slinky, sequined crop top two piece that we saw in her tribute to Bob Marley.

View the Rihanna for River Island 2013 Complete Show


 Reviews of Rihanna for River Line

The low-fuss showing at London Fashion Week yielded lukewarm reviews — the Daily Beast went so far as to call it a “horror show,” but most critics were less harsh.

“If the point of a celebrity fashion line is to download his or her personal style for a mass audience, then Rihanna’s collaboration with River Island was a success,” Women’s Wear Daily wrote.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/rihanna-runway-show-river-island-article-1.1267787#ixzz2LOJOkll3

And Rihanna’s thoughts….

More Images from the Show:


High Fashion Figures and Artistically Bare Bodies Follow.  May be Disturbing to Some.


RIHANNA20N_3_WEBLooks from the Rihanna for River Island runway show Saturday in London.


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