The New York Time Style Magazine sat down with Diana’s little girl, Traci Ellis Ross, for some face time and holistic beauty secrets.

Surprise, surprise… she too takes her daily lapse to luxury with Young Living Essential Oils.

T: You usually have an array of essential oils. Are there certain ones you always have with you, for various purposes?

TER: I love essential oils. I go through phases with what I wear as my perfume. Haley Van Oosten, of L’Oeil du Vert, makes a special oil for me that we developed together. That is my main scent. It’s called “Tracee.” But I also wear others of hers like Raven, Doves at Dawn or Peacock. Or I use Young Living Oils. As perfume, I love their Geranium oil. I often use an array of their other oils medicinally: Gentle Baby, Release, Peace and Calming, Immune and Inner Child, depending on my needs. And lastly my body worker, Linda Bienenfeld, makes extraordinary body oils that I live for. The one called Bliss is a favorite.

Click here to read the full article in the New York Time’s Style Magazine.


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