HomeRoma translates to “the exalted home”.  At Life Enhancement by Genies, we believe that your home is to be your palace.  A place of unending comfort that inspires confidence and brings ease to living with abounding conveniences. Indulge your every Sense & Sensibility with our  healthful, Holistic Home Therapy Treatments.  How are you living?


Toxic-Free Living

with Life Enhancement by Genies and “Thieves”®

The Essential Difference

The 21st Century is proving to be the millennium of epidemic outbreaks: MRSA, e-Coli, Salmonella, mutating viruses, microbial diseases, fungus, flesh-eating bacteria and toxic black mold. Until now, these environmental invaders have had free reign to spread their deadly tentacles. But thanks to the scientific evidence gleaned from a 15th century legend surrounding a band of thieves and therapeutic essential oils, these 21st Century epidemics are quickly becoming a thing of the past!

The Legend of Four Thieves®Thieves® Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend is named for the legendary band of thieves from Marseilles, France who roamed the English countryside robbing the victims of the 15th Century Black Plague. They miraculously escaped the Plague because their ancestors were skilled in the art of distillation of essential oils. They created what was called a “Vinegar” solution of oils to protect themselves from disease. The record of this historic escapade can be found in the Royal London Archives and the legend was showcased in a 1910 issue of the Scientific American Magazine.
The Birth of Thieves® Blend
Thanks to the perseverance and commitment of Dr. Gary Young, this same protection is now available to you. Through skilled blending of therapeutic grade Clove, Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark and Eucalyptus radiata essential oils, the Thieves® Blend exceeds even the historic aromatic vinegars.

Tested at Weber State University for a proven kill rate of 99.96% of all airborne bacteria,Thieves® has emerged as the most powerful natural resource to withstand the onslaught of these toxic environmental microorganisms.

Overcoming epidemic outbreaks requires a three-fold approach. The Young Living Thieves® Collection introduces therapeutic oils into three primary arenas: Cleaning and Disinfecting; Hygiene; and Diffusing of oils to kill bacteria and viruses. Deadly microbes are transmitted through the air and onto surfaces; exchanged through the hands; and enter the body through the mouth. By addressing these three, you can virtually close the gateway that allows disease and bacteria to enter your home and destroy your health.

Grant your Life Stylist the opportunity to Purge your Clutter, Purify your Home, and ​Pamper you by providing convenient solutions to life at home.

Our Treatments for a Healthy Home:

​*Eco-Friendly Residential Cleansing*

*Organizing *Staging*

*Cold Diffusion Aromatherapy*​

*Errand Running*

On a Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly/ Monthly Basis.

Every HomeRoma Therapy Residential Cleansing Treatment Package

offered by Life Enhancement by Genies include

all the benefits of Young Living’s, non-toxic Thieves Cleanser!


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information on Thieves®.


Dirty Secrets

The hazard of chemical-based products

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