Extreme Weight Management The body conscious resolutions have been set for 2013.  Whether you’re looking to burn the fat and drop the pounds or looking to get shredded by building muscle; we are all in the same replacing fat with lean muscle mass boat.  Aside from looking great we want to feel it and that all starts with the nutrition.  This is where most of the resolutions take a turn the wrong way down a one way street.  There is no escaping the fact that we need to implement a plan.  A weight management plan that includes a daily dose of healthy exercise and the traditional three square a day.  But what about in between the three and who is there behind the physical activity, pushing us along ensuring we’re getting the most out of each workout?   This year we will finally realize our resolution by implementing a system into our lifestyle that will support our plan. A system that we not only stick to; but actually enjoy and look forward to.

The sense of smell and of taste are key to successful weight management. Slique™ Essential Oil Blend, with its exotic aroma and enticing citrus flavors, appeals to both senses and provides health benefits when added to the Slique™ Tea. But it is the individual oils contained within Slique™ Essence that, by their nature, promote the release of unwanted pounds. The Citrus Oils of Slique™ Essence. The juice from citrus fruit is beneficial in ways that differ from the oil of the citrus. Citrus oils are not distilled from the pulp, but from the zest (peel) of the fruit. In addition to alkalizing the body, the citrus oils can also be used in massage for releasing petrochemicals from fat cells and removing unwanted cellulite. Slique™ Essence Blend contains a variety of Young Living’s therapeutic grade, Kosher-certified citrus oils: Grapefruit oil

  • A natural diuretic (supports kidney function)
  • Beneficial for helping to dissolve cellulite
  • Helps to detoxify lymphatic system (where edema fluids build up)

Tangerine oil

  • Helps digest fat
  • Supports dissolution of cellulite
  • Counteracts water retention (edema)
  • Hydrates cells when taken internally (Report from Nova Vita Young Living Clinic, Ecuador)
  • Helps calm nervous system (fights against cravings and food addictions)

Lemon oil

  • Oxygenates cells for optimal weight management
  • Beneficial for helping to dissolve cellulite
  • Natural detoxifier for digestive trouble (including food poisoning)

Spearmint oil

  • Supports Glandular System (some forms of obesity are glandular-related)
  • Promotes healthy weight maintenance
  • Helps stimulate Thyroid function (governor for the body’s metabolism)
  • Encourages better digestion for greater food absorption

Ocotea oil

  • Promotes pancreatic function to balance blood sugar levels
  • Encourages weight loss by helping to balance the pituitary and endocrine systems

Stevia Leaf Extract

  • A dietary supplement that effectively regulates blood sugar. Especially supportive to people with diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  • Wonderful aid in weight loss because it contains no calories and increases glucose tolerance, while inhibiting glucose absorption.
  • Regular ingestion decreases sugar cravings and the desire for fatty foods.

Peppermint Oil In addition to citrus oils contained in Slique™ Essence Blend, science has shown that other essential oils promote healthy weight loss, too. Dr. Alan Hirsch, M.D. discovered during his studies at the University of Chicago that inhalation of therapeutic grade peppermint oil satisfies the brain’s satiety center where food cravings originate. His research revealed that peppermint oil stimulates the hypothalamus gland to curb appetite. Peppermint oil also improves–even restores the sense of “taste” by stimulating the trigeminal nerve.

NOTE: Peppermint Oil is included with your Young Living Start Living wholesale membership!

Idaho Balsam Fir Oil When inhaled, the unique constituents in this distinctive therapeutic oil enhance the production of hGH (human growth hormone) and reduce deadly levels of cortisol in the body. Excessive cortisol levels hold fat in the cellular structure, making it difficult to lose weight. hGH slows the aging process which is conducive to healthier weight levels.

If you’re ready to get started on your exciting journey to maximum health and vitality with The Slique™ Essence Weight Management System, call or email me. My contact information is included below.

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Again, thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact me with any other relevant questions you might have. Visit my Wellness with Essential Oils Website Visit the Website of Life Enhancement by Genies


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