Here we are right in the thick of it.  As my clients and I continue to prepare with housekeeping, gift gathering, menu planning, pantry stocking, and holiday costuming in anticipation of the week’s impending feasts and portraits we are also doing or very best to recall what this season is really all about.  And the reason for the season is…  Regardless of the holiday we either traditionally or intuitively elect to celebrate this winter season it is important for us to all to reflect on the message of hope inherent in all; the light and warmth of life will soon return.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy at Sandy Hook, here on the east coast, we can all do with a heaping dose of the light of life, like… right now!  I get it,  I too am into instant gratification and have uncovered ways to Savor the Slice that we’ve chosen to be dealt day by day by taking heart and action in the adage of the ancients, “Living in Harmony with Nature we Heal the Earth”; and am willing to share them with you everyday.    You’ll be amazed to see how something as simple as rising with the sun, diffusing a particular oil, indulging in ritual baths, and performing ritual tasks will position you to see, seize, and be the light this and every season.

May you Seize the Light

May you Seize the Light


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