It’s back… dibs on the bathroom, what to wear, change your shirt, where’s your jacket, what time is practice, have your lunch, drop off the kids and dry cleaning, why so much traffic… that time of year that slowly creeps up and pushes you into full throttle.  Here’s your suggested seasonal wish list to assist you in settling into the season around the home; rather than falling right in.

***Suggested Fall Home Management Wish List***

Get ready to tack on some additional tasks and chores to your usual daily, weekly, and monthly home-keeping schedule.  But that’s okay, since we’re starting early; right?


Replace Baking Soda in Refrigerator and Freezer

Wipe Inside of the Refrigerator

Wipe Inside of Freezer

Discard of Expired Items

Clean Ovens

Wipe Kitchen Ceiling

Remove Contents of Cabinets and Clean Interiors

Clean Pot Rack and Polish Pots & Copper

Organize & Clean Pantry, Discarding Expired Items

Living Room

Sweep out Fireplace

Rotate lightweight Curtains, Rugs, and Throws for heavier ones

Clean Leather Furniture


Rotate Stacked Books to Prevent Warping


Turn Mattresses

Vacuum Mattresses, Box Springs, and Bed Frames

Replace warm-weather Bedding with cool-weather Bedding

Launder Pillows


Replace warm-weather Clothing with cool-weather Clothing

Throughout the House

Wipe and Polish Baseboards and Moldings

Outdoor Space

Scrub Porch Ceilings and Walls

Scrub Porch Floors, Decks, Patios, the Driveway, and Walkways

Scrub Outdoor Furniture, Umbrellas, and Awnings

Wash Light Fixture Covers

Clean Gutters

Launder/ Dry-Clean/ Store Linen

Want it, need it, but know if left up to you it’ll never happen?  That’s cool, too!  Admittance and acceptance are the first steps.  Your LifeStylist is available daily from 7:30am-7:30pm to grant your every wish for comfort at home.

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