It pays to stay in tune! Save 30% on 4 hours of HomeRoma Therapy Services.

A 50% partial payment by Credit Card is Required at time of Reservation.

Enjoy your Savings!

May be Applied Towards all of those chores around the house you’ve been meaning to get around to.  If only you had the extra time, mental energy, and hands… Now you do!  Some ideas?!?!                                                            

Holistic Residential Cleansing & Professional Organizing:

  • Dust the Summer Away
  • Thoroughly Cleanse & Organize Bathroom
  • Vacuuming Under, Behind, and Surface of ALL Furniture  
  • Get Playroom Under Wraps
  • Thoroughly Cleanse & Organize Kitchen
  • Tackle the Coat Closet
  • Sort through Wardrobe
  • Burn Music Collection
  • Freshen up Basement
  • Make Space in the Garage                                                          

Great for Spontaneous Gifting: 

Significant Other 

After they’re left feeling and looking good they’re most likely going to come to you for some fun!


They did it for you so how about giving a little back while still taking the easy… ehm…ehm…smart way out.  No worries, they’ll be too impressed and  proud to notice.

Co-Worker/Assistant/ Personal Service Provider

Retired Friend, Neighbor


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